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Receive access to a digital copy of The Ultimate Enterprise Planner worth £99, packed with worksheets and spaces to plan the growth of your business.

Follow a simple, step-by-step process using the 5 Stages of Growth and other MBA level methodologies.

Tap into a wealth of knowledge on research techniques, analysing data, SEO, keywords, and more to inform every business decision you will ever make.

Learn how to generate passive revenue streams to supplement your income using the latest and greatest sales techniques.

Develop cutting-edge market research strategies to find your niche and provide accurate content to the right audience.

Keep the company sustainable and safeguarded against sudden changes and threats.

our bespoke process

Week 1

Ease into the Bootcamp with a friendly and laid-back introduction where you will get to grips with the structure and framework of the coaching process.

Week 2
About You
Discover your strengths, skills, talents and weaknesses while building a profile that you will enhance under the guidance of Tonisha.
Week 3
Self Assessment
Identify how you operate as a leader and a business owner by taking personality tests to generate psychological data.
Week 4
Lunch & Learn
Participate in a special group session where we will be joined by guest speakers who are ranked among the world's most prolific and successful in their fields.
Week 5
Becoming CEO
Build five S.M.A.R.T objectives to focus on in the future as you work towards being a boss, followed by a group session to solidify your knowledge and share your Bootcamp experiences.
Week 6
Week 6 of the Bootcamp is about exploring the very essence of your product and how it will solve a customer’s pains. Together, we will define and augment your unique selling point and value proposition.
Week 7
Getting to MVP
Week 7 is focused on following the steps required for building a minimum viable product by considering elements such as: product benefits, customer pains, manufacturers, suppliers, price and unique selling points.
Week 8
And so much more
Each week will focus on a different aspect of launching and managing a sustainable business. All you need are the resources, talent, time and dedication.

The Ultimate Enterprise Planner:

Our bespoke business planner has reached the hands of freelancers and industry leaders alike, equipping them with a much needed structure and framework when planning a business.

Throughout the Bootcamp, coaches will be drawing on knowledge and prompts taken from within, making it an invaluable resource for getting ahead of the curve.


Pay in Full



176.91 AED | $48.16

  • + Full 5 Month Bootcamp
  • + One-to-One Coaching
  • + Award Winning Client Portal
  • + Offers / Discounts from Affiliate Partners

Pay 50%

Pay the rest in monthly instalments


1925.25 AED | $524.10

  • + Pay the rest in monthly instalments of £93.75
  • + OR 481.29 AED | $131.02 per month
  • + All the features of full price payment
  • + Great for entrepreneurs on a budget

client Testimonials

Accredited and certified coaches

Boasting decades of experience in working with some of the world’s most successful industry leaders, our coaches are among the top professionals of their fields and go through a rigorous vetting process. Only the best work for The Ladies Entrepreneurship Club