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Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

Monthly Events &

  • Scheduling social media
  • Going LIVE without being on
  • Pricing psychology
  • Customer personas
  • Reviving your business model


by Members

  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness
  • Fitness
  • Self-care
  • GDPR
  • Working with Influencers
  • Managing Stock

Ask the

  • Strategy
  • Product development
  • Marketing
  • Website planning
  • Accounting & Legal 

You have followed, now you will lead.

Embark on a 5 month, personalised experience that guides you through every step of running a successful business as CEO with a free copy The Ultimate Enterprise Planner!

Every single week of the Bootcamp is tailored to help you overcome any hurdle you are facing by providing a tried, tested and proven framework that our own experts used when they were in your position.

Week after week, the Bootcamp is packed with easy to digest information, tools and activities that will see your business bloom with regular nurturing and care from our team of ace professionals.



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Week 1

1-2-1 Introduction

No more anxiety, no worrying, no more overload! Ease into the Bootcamp with a friendly and laid-back introduction where you will get to grips with the structure and framework of the coaching process.

Week 2

About You

Why did you go into business in the first place? What inspired you? These are the types of questions you will be answering in Week 2 of the Bootcamp to better understand and leverage your strengths and abilities.

Week 3

My Self-Assessment

Get ready to learn just what kind of entrepreneur and woman you really are by drawing on top-tier frameworks such as the ‘Five Languages of Love’, and other fun personality tests.

Week 4: Lunch and Learn

No more playing by the rules of others. Become the boss.

Tonisha Tagoe

Enterprise Educator

Kai Charles

Entrepreneur &

Week 5

Becoming CEO

You have a leader within you, a proud lioness who fights to get what she wants! Week 5 is all about transforming you into this person; a strong leader who follows her own rules as CEO.

Week 6


Week 6 of the Bootcamp is about exploring the very essence of your product and how it will solve a customer’s pains. Together, we will define and augment your unique selling point and value proposition.

Week 7

Getting to MVP

In Week 7, we shall be exploring the steps required for building a minimum viable product by considering elements such as: product benefits, customer pains, manufacturers, suppliers and more!

Week 8: Lunch and Learn

Craft a Highly Profitable Product/Service


To Be Announced


To Be Announced

Week 9

Data and Research

No business works without evidence and data. Week Nine is all about gathering the important metrics to reinforce your decisions and to validate everything you have planned so far. Get to become a research pro!

Week 10


What is a product without a market? Customers are everywhere, but narrowing down your niche and finding that perfect slice of the market in which to sell is the core objective of Week 10. 

Week 11

Competitor Analysis

In the arena of business, there are countless combatants all eager to come out on top. Week 11 is all about identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your business rivals in order to come out on top.

Week 12: Lunch and Learn

Conquer and Secure Your Niche


To Be Announced


To Be Announced

Week 13

The Branding Book

Every business needs to look and feel good, while also being unforgettable. That’s what it means to have a brand, and Week 13 will allow you to start designing logos, themes, aesthetics, values, and more!

Week 14

Website Planner

Your business needs a platform to show off its excellence and entice new customers into purchasing the awesome products you will eventually on offer. Build an amazing WordPress website in Week 14.

Week 15


Oh, what joy. Paperwork. Yep, it’s inevitable! Every business runs on paperwork, and in Week 15, you will learn how to quickly tackle your admin duties to focus on the more enjoyable side of business.

Week 16: Lunch and Learn

Tailor An Unforgettable Brand


To Be Announced


To Be Announced

Week 17

Costs and Finance

They say money makes the world go round, and sister, they aren’t wrong! In Week 17, you will delve into the world of finance, resource management and risk assessment in order to build a business that is ready for anything.

Week 18

Legal Considerations

Week 18 of the Bootcamp will teach you everything you need to know regarding the laws of business. From registration, tax, contracts and more, you will get to grips with all of the essentials.

Week 19

Bonus Tools

By Week 19, you will have learnt so much about yourself and what it takes to be the CEO of a truly excellent business, and now is the time to supplement your newfound knowledge with some great bonus tools.

Week 20: Lunch and Learn

Master The Systems and Celebrate Your Progress


To Be Announced


To Be Announced

Week 21: Graduation 🎉

Pay for 5 months upfront For only

£ 750
  • 3750 AED | $1020
Open Now

Or Pay Monthly instalments

£ 150
  • 750 AED | $205
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how does our
Bootcamp work?

Each month of the Bootcamp is focused on a different aspect of planning a business and will see you delve into some deep research and data gathering in order to give pinpoint accuracy to all of your decisions

Every 3 weeks, you will be invited to take part in a Lunch and Learn, a group training session where you get to connect with other female entrepreneurs and share your unforgettable Bootcamp experience.

Enjoy the Bootcamp via a simple one-stop-shop environment where you will receive updates, assignments and feedback while connecting with other talented women.

Pay for 5 months upfront For only

£ 750
  • 3750 AED | $1020
Open Now

Or Pay Monthly instalments

£ 150
  • 750 AED | $205
Open Now


Live Events

  • Scheduling social media
  • Going LIVE without being on
  • Pricing psychology
  • Customer personas
  • Reviving your business model

Office Hours

No time to complete those important tasks or don’t have the right skills to
create certain content? Office Hours can help.
For £20.50 per hour, gain access to

  • graphic designers
  • copywriters
  • administrators
  • marketers
  • PR gurus

And more!

For those whose busy schedules do not allow enough time to build relationships with talented professionals, the Office Hours service bridges that gap completely!

Power Hours

  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness
  • Strategy
  • Product development
  • Marketing
  • Website planning


The Power Of Vim

With proud roots in Ghana, West Africa, Claudia embodies the essence of ‘Vim’, the manifestation of energy, motivation, enthusiasm and drive

Embracing these aspects, she takes pride in showing others how to also achieve Vim through her carefully tailored workout sessions played
to the exotic beats of Africa. 

In order to help Claudia generate more clients and therefore a greater revenue stream, we started with completely revamping her website by enhancing its aesthetics, user-functionality, accessibility and made it a lot easier for customers to buy her services. 

As a proud member of the Ladies Entrepreneurship Club, Claudia stands as a testament to what women can achieve despite having to juggle her family life and a jam-packed work schedule. 

If you’re looking to get fit while having a blast, Claudia is the woman you need.

Energise internally to energise externally









On a mission to help people across the world to embrace their curly and afro hair types, Klerissa is at the helm of Curly by Nature as both CEO and master stylist.

Like many women of colour, Klerissa holds a strong pride for her afro Caribbean hair and longs to see others share her enthusiasm with a range of expert products and styling courses.

To assist Klerissa in achieving her dream, we put her in the hands of our
talented in-house copywriter who revitalised the text on her website to
weave a message that fused compelling with quirky while remaining true to the Curly by Nature brand. 

Now an every day face and a pillar of our community in the Ladies Entrepreneurship Club, Klerissa brings high energy and positive vibes to the group. We can’t wait to see her future hair projects!

Look great, feel great, and you will achieve great things



Vicky's journey began in Ghana where she ran a cleaning company which then led to many other business ideas including a mobile app for cleaners and a home service website.

Her current project, @Simplylyfe, is tailored towards helping her clients to achieve a fantastic and modern living space through the delivery of smart tech for the home.

After joining the Entrepreneurship Ladies Club, Vicky worked closely with Tonisha, gaining invaluable knowledge and skills for running successful businesses, plural! That’s right! Vicky has no desire to stop at just one business, but instead run multiple brands in order to achieve top earning potential.

This is the calibre of woman you can expect to find at the Entrepreneurship Ladies Club.

Entrepreneurs never stop dreaming because our ideas are forever evolving!




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Meet your coach


My name is Tonisha, an Enterprise Educator

As the CEO of Apples & Pears, I lead a team of talented individuals who are passionate about helping new and existing business owners to expand, scale and make their companies sustainable.

As a proud female business owner, I know all too well the hurdles and challenges that face women across the world, especially in business! I knew something had to be done, and so I developed The Ladies Entrepreneurship Bootcamp with a clear vision in mind: empower women with knowledge, training and skills to succeed on their path to success.


We are on a quest to guide new entrepreneurs on their path to starting and running a successful business.

The journey can be confusing and overwhelming, but the Bootcamp aims to transform those barriers and hurdles into useful tools and resources that will support you and your business.


The Bootcamp covers all the necessary bases that are critical to achieving success as an entrepreneur, and will evolve and expand with you on your road to becoming a boss, a champion and the lioness within!


Staffed by a multi-passionate and talented team of enterprise educators, academics, web-designers and more,

Apples & Pears is the tree from which our multiple ‘Toolbox’ brands grow, such as The Enterprise Toolbox, The Entrepreneur Toolbox and The Academic Toolbox.

If you have the vision and the drive, we have the tools and resources to support you to achieve your goals and excel in your field of expertise. 

It is our mission to train:

New Businesses by 2030​

If you have the vision and the drive, we have the tools and resources to support you to achieve your goals and excel in your field of expertise.

Pay for 5 months upfront For only

£ 750
  • 3750 AED | $1020
Open Now

Or Pay Monthly instalments

£ 150
  • 750 AED | $205
Open Now


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