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Like no other...

Formulated by some of the finest minds in coaching and beyond. The Ladies Entrepreneurship Bootcamp is a 21-week business building experience for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs. Enjoy a simple step-by-step process where you will learn every element that goes into launching and managing a profitable enterprise. With constant support, guidance and weekly group sessions, you will leave ready and eager to take your career to new heights.

Holistic and Personalised

Under the guidance of the industry’s most successful coaches, you will be taken through each step of launching a profitable company by creating a business model that can be adapted to suit any product or service. Starting right at the beginning with the ideation process, together we will build a fully registered business while teaching you how to be a strong and inspiring leader.

Evolve as an


Wave farewell to stress, anxiety and uncertainty as we work towards and beyond your goals.


Find the strength to overcome all barriers and hurdles stopping you from achieving your desired lifestyle.


Discover your resilience as a powerful woman who is able to handle anything thrown her way.

Conquer as a


Gain the essential skills needed to become the boss and start making your own rules.


Find your purpose in life as a successful business owner and work towards finding your happiness.


Learn techniques and skills for running and successful enterprise that you won’t even find on an MBA.

A simple, step-by-step framework.

Our coaching is a highly effective combination of customised, one-to-one experiences mixed with assignments and group sessions focussed on achieving grounded, practical goals until graduation at the end of the 5-month journey.

Personal Assignments

This is not just theory, it’s practice. Take what you have learnt and begin building a real, functioning business in assignment packs issued by your coach.

Group Learning

Join weekly group sessions where you will meet and connect with other Bootcamp participants to solidify your knowledge and skills. Once a month, you will be invited to a lunch and learn with special guest speakers.

1-2-1 Coaching

Receive regular 1-2-1 coaching sessions where you will discuss your goals, challenges and areas of improvement whilst developing new skills and knowledge on your road to success.

A new journey every week

Under the guidance of our coaches, you will be led through 21 weeks of learning, tasks and challenges that are essential in learning how to launch your own sustainable and profitable company.

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