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November 2022
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Don’t miss out on the magic twice! Missed our Brunch & Learn? (

No worries. Get ready for The Garden Party 🌳 Taking place on Nov 26, 2022, location undisclosed now.

We have some amazing speakers lined up just for you. Everyone is welcome, we will also have an entertainment area for children so you can network and enjoy our event…

A 3-course meal will also be provided by Nuru Lounge and cocktails on arrival from Sahara Solace

To be an attendee only need to follow these 3 simple steps to prepare:

Step 1: Save the date: April 30th (2-9pm) 🗓️
Step 2: Purchase your ticket here
Step 3: Share! 🤳🏾 

Spaces are limited so advanced payment is required.


Spaces are limited so advanced payment is required.

Those interested in partnering, sponsoring or becoming a vendor? Send a dm with the words ‘LEC GARDEN PARTY’

We have curated a panel of speakers who will be discussing:
The best media and advertising packages available to small businesses in Ghana at the moment
How SMEs can use tech to propel their businesses forward in this current climate
How we should navigate the world of investment and finance in 2022
Tips for cutting through the clutter in the world of branding and sales
How we lead and empower our staff in a world of rising prices and decreasing motivation



Welcome Address

Discussion Panel 1: How can entrepreneurs use technology to propel their businesses? – 15 mins

What are the opportunities that are being missed with technology
How does technology play a role in improving day to day operations in an SME
What is wrong with good old fashion techniques? Why cant we stick to those?
What solutions exist on the market?

Discussion Panel 2: Branding & Sales – Cutting through the Clutter – 15 mins

How do I know which form of media is best for my business?
Can I thrive in Ghana without using social media?
How do SMEs enter the media and buy space
What are the top 3 mistakes entrepreneurs make when approaching the media and vice versa

Discussion Panel 3: Finance and Investment – 15mins

Why is the gap between the entrepreneur and the investor so big?
How can we begin to navigate this and bridge the gap?
Growing your business in this financial climate
What packages are offered by banks and telecoms for SMEs
In a world where you cant get investment, how do you recommend building financial stability?

Discussion Panel 4: Where are the hidden opportunities in Media & Advertisement – 15mins
The role the media plays to support entrepreneurs
Packages available to new businesses
Top 3 mistakes, small businesses make with media


Fundamentals of Fundraising – 

Fundamentals of fundraising – what are they?

Why is this topic so important?

Fundamentals of HR, Workflow Management and growth in this current climate – 15mins

Recognising the contributions of staff Management
The art of delegation
What approaches work best when recruiting on a budget


Tonisha Tagoe – Apples and Pears Holdings

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